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HEAV (Virginia) 2011

NCHE (North Carolina Home Educators) 2011

ACSI Convention 2009

Ted Jones
"I have been to a few home school conventions...and have had the opportunity to sit in and experience [this] presentation. I can honestly say that this presentation is one of the best presentations I have ever seen...The "How Big is God?" presentation is amazing to say the least...The presentation is timed with video animation and leaves many people speechless.” - Ted Jones • Marketing Director, Jenness Park Christian Camp

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More Comments on the How Big is God Presentation

“This presentation was perhaps the best of any homeschool seminar I have attended. The graphics were fabulous! The speaker was electrifying! This is a must-see presentation! This presentation will blow a skeptic’s mind and transform the life of an atheist! This presentation touched my mind, heart, and soul!” Daniel Coward - Winston-Salem, NC

“This is an amazing presentation because we often hear about God’s grace, faithfulness, glory and majesty, but we don’t often come face to face with how big God is. You will be awed, and humbled by this presentation.” Aila Hillberg - Turlock, CA

"This was an amazing presentation! Diego has a way of communicating the "bigness of God" in a way that truly causes you to be in awe of God and His greatness, and His amazing love for each of us as His children and His greatest creation. Anyone who may question the reality of God, or just how great He is, absolutely needs to see this presentation. As one who has known God and served Him for 28 years, my understanding and sense of awe has been greatly increased. Thank you so much!" Pastor Jeff Dutra (Family Life Center Foursquare Church) - Mukilteo, WA

"Truly it was the greatest presentation on astronomy and creationism I have ever seen. No words can express how much it blew me away, and I was an atheist! This is the most emotional night of my life."
Blake Moony - Everett, WA

"IT WAS MIND BLOWING!!! I can't even imagine how big the Earth is, let alone the entire universe!!! Very great presentation and speaker! Motivational and inspiring!! Keep up the good work!
Micah Mitchell - Shoreline, WA

“The presentation was very informative. Diego definitely has passion for his topics. His passion makes the presentation!” Brenda - Cameron Park

“It’s the second time I’ve seen it, and both times I found it to be awe-inspiring. I particularly like how it ends with a focus on Christ, showing how far He had to humble Himself to save us. Great job!”
David Couchman - Lodi, CA

“Fantastic. Wonderful! Diego was so animated and powerful!!! Thanks so much, I felt God in this place.”
Georgia Fox - Sutter Creek, CA

“Very passionate. My daughters are still talking about it. Thank for the top quality presentation!” Kelly Brown - Lincolntown, NC

"A real tear-jerker for me. I don't give God enough credit for how magnificent and powerful He is!!! We don't need to fear. Thank you with all my heart for this presentation!!"
Julie Ann Calgrove - San Diego, CA

"Stupendous, humbling, and hugely informative. 'I am a man of unclean lips.' I am speechless and amazed!" Natalie Hazelrigg - Walnut Creek, CA

"Amazing. Fantastic. Beautiful. Made me cry—even the 2nd time."
Kori Peterson - Borrego Springs, CA

“I really appreciated the heart of the presentation to glorify God and have us open our eyes to things we in our culture no longer really think about much.”
Jen Knight - Charlottesville, VA

“Awesome! Best presentation I’ve seen. I had no idea about the size of the galaxy or universe. Now I keep thinking about God’s power and ability to create it all...and for me! Thank you!” Karen Barbe - Charlotte, NC

“Your presentation was awesome! It truly showed how big our God is, or at least how small we re in comparison—and how great His love is for us! Thanks for a great presentation of God’s creation!” Barbara Dunham -
Mount Jackson, VA

“Very inspirational and informative. It was a very good reminder of who we are, who God is, and who we aren’t. Great facts and pictures. Well organized and great for the whole family.”
Laura Connor - Youngsville, NC

“This was a great presentation that really provided an amazing sense of the size of the universe. Of course, the presentation also brought the sense of how God values us and what He paid. This is an excellent means of declaring both the glory of God as well as conveying His awesome grace! Thanks for putting this together with such quality.”
Russell Draper - Burke, VA

“It was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The speaker was great.”
Stephen Morgan - Richmond, VA

“Excellent presentation that covered a difficult topic and made it very understandable. Good presentation that drives home how awesome God is. Also an excellent presentation of the gospel message. If I hadn’t already, I would have accepted Christ. Great job!”
Derek Brown - Apex, NC

“Wonderful presentation. I knew I was small. I didn’t realize quite how small I was. It stretches my mind to realize just how huge God is and just how much He cares about us to become fully man. Thanks so much for sharing! May God bless you in this ministry.”
Ginny Balthaser - Richmond, VA

“That was the most amazing thing. It was absolutely awesome!!!”
David Hannold - Barboursville, VA

“It was amazing. I was already overwhelmed trying to comprehend this and with the ‘knowledge’ I had prior...still didn’t compare to this accurate information. I had NO idea! Thank you (and I love the gospel message with it).”
Andrea Sartorius - Herndon, VA

“I was completely blown away by this incredible presentation! It really opened my eyes to how big our universe really is. It really makes me realize how big and powerful God is.”
Elizabeth Hornberger - Richmond, VA

“I enjoyed the presentation very much. The statistics and visual aides were quite effective. Mr Rodriguez’s speaking style was a perfect accompaniment and provided wonderful dramatic effect. It was very humbling and was a great way to start off the weekend.”
Catherine Evans - King George, VA

“The presentation seems like a great lead in to worship. I wish there had been worship scheduled afterward. Oh well. Thank you for putting the presentation together.”
Jocelyn Coker - Richmond, VA

“HBIG made me feel so small yet so very special. To think that a God much bigger than that humbled Himself that much is amazing. Thank you for bringing this presentation to HEAV 2011. Please come back—I recommend it to almost everyone I meet.”
Samantha Fansler - Stafford, VA

“The presentation was so powerful. I truly have today a better picture and understanding of how big our God is (at least what he is bigger than)!”
Markus Williams - Upper Marlboro, MD

“Wow!!! I had never thought about all of this and it made all my little worries, dreams, and ‘situations’ seem so small! I’m thankful for the perspective. Thank you for putting all this together in such a clear way so that ‘even I’ can understand...thanks for your time and effort.”
Charlotte Attaway - Herndon, VA

“Very well done. The presentation did an excellent job of showing the unimaginable immensity of God’s creation.”
Justin Clack - Lynchburg, VA

“The presentation was wonderful! It brought me to tears as I was reminded of the wonderful gift God has given each one of us...even though we are but a speck we are important enough to God that He came to this place to offer His life for us. Thank you for the reminder!”
Simmons Conner - New Bern, NC

“Great info on an issue that desperately needs discussing! The presentation kept the audience’s attention and the narration was complete and informative.” Brent Bell - Wake Forest, NC

“Amazing! I was very moved by the scripture that was quoted during the presentation. Thank you so much for the work you are doing for God.” Donna Akers - Thomasville, NC

“Well organized and well presented. Gave a new perspective on statistics and allowed you to truly see how big God is! Thank you.”
Carson Cox - Southern Pines, NC

“The presentation was great. To think God created such an enormous universe, yet we’re the center of His encourages my faith in Him. Diego was great in presenting the material—making it come alive! After watching the presentation my son commented that he couldn’t not believe in God after that!” Cindy Baker - Troutman, NC

“Wonderful presentation. I liked the emphasis on Jesus at the end and the connection of the creation to the Creator. The scale was amazing and the visual imagery was wonderful.” Ken Tursam - Apex, NC

“Good! Please come and share this at our church. God is amazing. I did leave with a deeper understanding of how big God is and how little we are. Thanks!” Esther Ortega Bridges - Cary, NC

“It was wonderful to see in a tangible way the magnificence of our Creator. His love for us was already more than I can wrap my mind around before seeing the presentation. The statistics were easy to picture and imagine and really put into perspective how minute we and our ‘troubles’ in this life are. Thank you for your wonderful work! God bless you and your family!” Suzel & Heidi Garcia - NC

“How Big is a unique presentation. I especially enjoyed the size of the Earth part. What floored me though was the way you brought the gospel into the ‘big picture’ at the end, giving God the glory where it is due.” Ward Howard - High Point, NC

“It really helped us consider the humility of Jesus coming to Earth as a man. We felt it was a very powerful presentation that made us really realize how GREAT GOD is. Thank you so much!” Steven Overman - Liberty, NC

“Awesome! We have three daughters. After seeing your presentation all three of them walked out with wide-eyed wonder! Thank you for putting together such a quality presentation.” William Granger (Physicist) - Winston-Salem, NC

“Loved the music and animation. I have already told several others about the illustrations. I absolutely loved how Christ was magnified at the conclusion! I was in tears! Thank you very much!”
Rita Hall - Godwin, NC

“I was amazed with the presentation and look forward to getting further info and telling other people about it.”
Veronica Salinas - Oakley, CA

“So spectacular! It reminds me—all we like paramecium dashing about in a drop of pond water, and all, all of our cares so [apparently large]—barely a glimmer by comparison to Jesus (Creator God) confirming to us the purpose of restoring us to Him if we would agree with Him and His plan. Would be wonderful if we could remember how significant we really are toward one another.” John and Josh Higgins - Pleasant Hill, CA

“Incredible! Just kept thinking the whole time...why Lord? Why bother with this less than speck of salt? What an amazing God we serve! Thanks for such an insightful presentation. Loved it.”
Zalena Garcia - Oakley, CA

“Wow! It was so amazing! I feel like I should be watching this presentation every day! God is so big!”
Laura Bell - Antioch, CA

“This was a wonderfully inspired presentation and I would be happy to recommend it to anybody. Your group has done a wonderful job putting this presentation together. Thank you so much.”
Chris Cook - Antioch, CA

“I really enjoyed the presentation and how it really focused on God’s glory and His wisdom and purpose in creation, the Earth, and all the universe!”
Paul Abeyta - Oakley, CA

“The presentation broadened my view of just how small we are in reality. I would encourage anyone to listen to [the presentation] at least once.”
Lary Martin - Brentwood, CA

“Awesome—great definition of how we as Christians minimize the vastness of how big our God is! Thanks, what a blessing!”
Bill Grady - Oakley CA

“This is the most awesome presentation we have ever seen. Thank you so much for bringing the reality of how big God is to ordinary people like us. God bless you!”
Kim Skeen - Wilseyville, CA

“Excellent! Wow! Fabulous! I loved it! I praise God that you put this together. What a tool!” Dr. Jay Grimstead (Coalition on Revival)

“...seeing this really makes me think a lot about th eway I have lived as a sinner and how I have now been called (by that same Creator) to live righteously. Looking at all of the beauty and perfection that God designed on Earth and above humbles me greatly...” Kevin Harrison - Fresno, CA

"It was so impressive—mind boggling!"
Sherlyn R. Shares - Borrego Springs, CA

"First time in my life that I ever saw something so amazing. Thank you."
Salvador - Borrego Springs, CA

Doris Maertz - Lynnwood, WA

"It helped me to understand how significant it was that God humbled Himself sooo much! Also, it showed how important we are to him that He made all this beauty for us, so uncomprehendable [sic] and awesome! Thank you so much for opening my eyes."
Julianna Amesquita - Everett, WA

"Thank you so much for a wonderful night. What a great ministry the Lord has laid on your heart. I received comments such as, "this was the best In-Service ever," another mom said she wanted to break out in worship at the end of the presentation. The visuals are imprinted on my mind."
T.M. - Whittier Christian Schools PSP

“Our family of 6 made the trip to SCOPE [Sacramento Homeschool Convention]...just to see this presentation. With all the bathroom breaks, the heat, crying, etc.—IT WAS WORTH IT! I would love to see it again! My kids still talk about it and it’s been 2 years!” Michael Greene - American Canyon, CA

“The heavens declare the glory of God. Everyone on this planet responds in awe to a sparkled night sky because we were created to respond this way. The ‘How Big is God’ presentation allows us to appreciate our Creator at a deeper level. ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.’ Psalm 9:10. This presentation brings the mature Christian to a greater understanding of our Father and the seeker is enticed to learn more. Praise God for the ministry of [the 4th Day Alliance].” Mike Van De Griend - Los Banos, CA

“I was awe-inspired by your presentation. It was wonderful to experience a multi-media presentation that not only teaches astounding facts about our world and space but also turns our hearts to the Creator and Savior. Thank you!” Kathy Silva - San Martin, CA

“Awesome!!! Great media show that makes us humbled by how big God is! Thanks!” Sean Balke - Aromas, CA

“Amazing! It was very interesting and unlike anything I have ever seen. Our kids were captivated by the visuals. It really showed us how vast the universe is and how much bigger God is.” Sandi Olson - Turlock, CA

“My entire family loved your presentation. The kids enjoyed all the wonderful photos. The information you provided made how big God is more to clear to all of us. Thank you!” Jennifer Schopf - Galt, CA

“I do a lot of reading and investigating on my own in regards to astronomy as well as other scientific and social history venues. I thought I ‘got it’ already. Wow, was I wrong! The immensity goes far beyond what I originally thought the universe to be. I am awestruck, amazed, and exceedingly grateful for your ability to digest this into what is accessible to my limited understanding. Thank you.” Dixie Pettit - Ramona, CA

“I’m not often impressed by speakers or programs, but this past weekend I was at a camp where a Christian astronomer did a presentation on the earth and the universe. He used a presentation with actual NASA photos and other graphics, a musical background, and spoke. He went from showing how big the earth appears to us, to how tiny it is from space- how immense the universe is, but emphasizing God’s knowledge and care for each of us, even sending His son to die in our place. It was EXTREMELY powerful. I know there are Christian astronomers but I had never seen one speak - he did a great job, and was extremely knowledgeable, and his graphics were excellent…” G.G. - Santa Clara County, CA

“Great! You allowed the layman to understand our universe — something that is not easy.” Sue Gonzalez - Pine Mountain Club, CA

LOVED the presentation. I want to see it again. I liked the journey from the Earth to the ends of the universe as far as man can see. There is no way possible that God did not create this all.” April Jeter-Gamboa, Pine Mountain Club, CA

“Theatrical. Suspense! Mindful. Comforting. Thank you for sharing the presentation with [us]. Since we value live presentations, this was engaging...Thank you for bringing Psalm 19:1 alive! Amen.”
Rayne Koppe - Citrus Heights, CA

“[We] loved the presentation. [We] especially enjoyed the computer animation that made us feel like we were flying in space. Thank you for reminding us how big is God.”
Deanna Borda - San Diego, CA

“Amazing. Awe-inspiring. Great to have the perspective. Thank you so much!”
Joseph & Kristen Rodriguez - San Diego, CA

“Excellent presentation! [We] loved it and [were] very engaged by the presentation and speaker. Thanks!”
Colt Hubbell - Camp Pendleton, CA

“Extremely enlightening. I’m truly amazed at the vastness of the universe. [My son said that] the stars on the ceiling were awesome/rocking.”
Sonia Trotter - La Mesa, CA