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HEAV (Virginia) 2011

NCHE (North Carolina Home Educators) 2011

Comments from the 2009 ACSI Convention

“"This was the best class I've been to at ACSI. It was absolutely amazing!! Excellent job! I highly recommend it to anyone."
"The speaker was extremely informative and passionate about God's hand in all of this. Fantastic!"
"Very interesting! Best seminar I've been to in a while. Very good!"
"Wow! Incredible. I feel like I just left church. Inspiring and amazing. Thank you!"
"The most powerful presentation I've seen on the vastness of our solar system and universe and the uniqueness of mankind. It brought me to tears. Praise God!"
"Phenomenal. Thanks a million!"
"Just an awesome presentation! Wow!"
"Beautifully presented - astoundingly moving. Thank you!"
"Truly amazing! Your presentation brought tears to my eyes."
"Very, very, dynamic and powerful!!"
"I loved the whole thing. It was AMAZING!"
"Beyond my imagination."
"Mind blowing!"