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HEAV (Virginia) 2011

ACSI Convention 2009

Comments from the NCHE 2011 Homeschool Convention

The comments below were written on the 2011 NCHE Homeschool Convention Workshop Evaluation sheets. These are the sheets that attendees are asked to fill out after each workshop.
  • “Thank you for answering God’s call to share Astronomy as He created it and why it is relevant to our lives as Christians.”
  • “What a true gift you’ve been given to share your message. May countless know that they are loved by our creator.”
  • “Amazing and powerful. Unparalleled in delivery and wonder.”
  • “This was awesome! It makes me want to cry. God is so good.”
  • “Thanks for showing Christ to us today.”
  • “Very good presentation and wonderful speaking.”
  • “I’m speechless-wow.”
  • “He was great.”
  • “Excellent.”
  • “Great.”
  • “Awesome presentation.”
  • “WOW.”
  • “Thank you for bringing out the greatness of God.”
  • “Awesome.”
  • “Excellent presentation.”
  • “Great job.”
  • “Excellent.”
  • “It was mind blowing.”
  • “The pictures were amazing and mind blowing.”
  • “Great lecture! I loved the animations.”
  • “That was awesome.”
  • “Incredible! Fantastic! Superb!”
  • “You rock.”
  • “Good job.”
  • “Thank you very much for coming.”
  • “Fantastic presentation.”
  • “Very informing and interesting with a Christ centered vision.”
  • “Wow.”
  • “That was amazing.”
  • “Fantastic presentation. The enthusiasm added so much to the visuals.”
  • “That was amazing! Thank you and God bless you.”
  • “Wonderful.”
  • “Thank you for taking time out of your life to do this presentation.”
  • “That was incredible! Thank you so much for sharing the magnitude of God’s love with us.”
  • “Thank you for giving me such an amazing new perspective a wonderful presentation.”
  • “Astounding confirmation of God’s love. Thank you.”
  • “Very informational and great presentation.”
  • “Amazing workshop-really opened by eyes to how big God is.”
  • “Thank you-great info.”
  • “Very passionate, thank you.”
  • “Most excellent.”
  • “Great.”
  • “Amazing.”
  • “Awesome.”
  • “Absolutely wonderful-Thank you so much!”
  • “Excellent presentation.”
  • “Thank you.”
  • “Excellent.”
  • “Powerful, magnificent.”
  • “Excellent speaker, great enthusiasm.”
  • “Loved this presentation.”
  • “This is a very wonderful workshop.”
  • “It was perfect.”
  • “Truly amazing.”
  • “Powerful.”
  • “That was so cool.”
  • “Very mind boggling.”
  • “Humbling experience.”
  • “Beautifully given.”