Leap Second provides more evidence for a young Earth

We are having another leap second, folks. The leap second is essentially the same thing as a leap year, except we are adding a second to the year instead of a year. This is because the Earth’s spin rate is slowing down over time. Read More...

December Conjunction

I wanted to update you regarding a rare and beautiful conjunction of Venus and Jupiter that is taking place right now and will come to its climactic view on the evening of December 1st.

If you head out tonight when it begins to get dark (just after 5:00 pm), you will notice two very bright stars in the southwestern sky. The brighter star on the bottom is the planet Venus, and the dimmer star above is Jupiter. Every night you head out, you will notice that these two planets get closer and closer to each other.

An Inconvenient Galaxy - Arms Winding Backwards

Discovery of two new components within a puzzling spiral galaxy confirm it must have a pair of arms winding in the opposite direction from most galaxies, according to new results. Read More...

New Webpage Launched

Our new webpage has now been launched. We have completely updated the entire site and we can now begin the process of continually adding more content. On the backend, we are using a new system that allows us to quickly and easily update content on the website in a matter of minutes. This will help us to keep the website current.