Don't Miss the Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night will be an amazing Total Lunar Eclipse that you don’t want to miss. It can be seen from everywhere in North America and partially in other parts of the world. To determine what time to look, check out the chart below: Read More...

Dates set for Astronomy Conference

The dates for the Creation Astronomy Conference have been set! The event will be held on August 5th and 6th, 2011 in Oakhurst, CA (at the entrance of Yosemite National Park). For more details, check out the conference webpage here: 2011 Creation Astronomy Conference. To register for the event, you can use the form below to buy your tickets:

Sorry, the conference has now been postponed until 2012. Read More...

Spike Psarris responds to Stephen Hawking

You’ve probably heard the news lately about Stephen Hawking’s claim that the universe created itself and therefore there is no need for God. Well, Spike Psarris, the author of the Our Created Solar System DVD, has released an excellent response to Hawking’s claim. Spike’s response was published in his newsletter through his website at You can read the response here.

Question about the How Big is God presentation

We recently received the following email from someone who saw the How Big is God presentation at a private Christian school here in California. I took this email as the occasion to explain the purpose of the presentation in more detail:

“I am the superintendent of [name] Christian School in [city] and attended the presentation at [name] Christian School yesterday. Great show, well presented, impressive video,statistics and illustrations. My hesitation or question is this: Does describing the size of the galaxy/universe necessarily lead to the conclusion that God is bigger, or even has a "size" as we currently understand. Perhaps to emphasize that God is powerful enough to create all of this would be more appropriate that to indicate that he is "bigger" than the universe?? Middle school and most high school students are likely to take the size issue literally, and we do not know if we even know how big God is, if He actually has size as we generally understand the word. What do you think? Is this a hair-splitting point? Has this been discussed by your staff? Not trying to make trouble, just be intellectually (educationally) accurate.” Read More...

Jupiter Won't be this Close Again Until 2022

Been outside at midnight lately? There's something you really need to see. Jupiter is approaching Earth for the closest encounter between the two planets in more than a decade—and it is dazzling. The night of closest approach is Sept. 20-21st. This is also called "the night of opposition" because Jupiter will be opposite the sun, rising at sunset and soaring overhead at midnight. Among all denizens of the midnight sky, only the Moon itself will be brighter. Read More...

Online Astronomy Classes Have Begun

The 4th Day Alliance has begun having online astronomy classes for its members. The first class held was on Saturday, September 4th. More classes are scheduled in the near future as soon as we work out all the “kinks” in the system to ensure that we have a first-class online instructional system. Read More...

2011 Astronomy Conference Announced

The 4th Day Alliance has announced that they are sponsoring a Creation Astronomy Conference in the summer of 2011. The conference will be held for 2 days in Yosemite National Park. This will be an excellent opportunity for homeschooling families, astronomy enthusiasts, and Creation scientists to come together and discuss Creation Astronomy. Read More...

Global Astronomy Month Coming

Perhaps you remember our blog post from last year regarding the International Year of Astronomy. In short, 2009 was the year that evolutionary astronomers were going to “share the heavens” with the world. In short, they wanted to promote evolutionary astronomy on a worldwide scale. In April 2009, the 100 Hours of Astronomy (100HA) Cornerstone Project of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009) was scheduled to “show what the astronomy community can do working together.” The idea was to have amateur astronomers, clubs, science centers and others hold events by the thousands around the world. Read More...

What is Creation Astronomy?

We recently received the following email: "Hello, I came across your website during an image search in which a link took me to your website and out of mere curiosity had read what the "4th Day Alliance" is about. I was a physics-astronomy major in college and am curious as to what "creation astronomy" is. I couldn't find a page describing it, so was wondering what you object to in popular astronomy that makes you teach "creation astronomy." looking forward to your reply..."

The following was my response (we have crossed out the emailers name). We have posted it here because we felt it would be a beneficial letter for you. Read More...