Old Universe with a Short Human History?

After the NCHE Conference in North Carolina last week, I received the following email from an attendee:

Dear Diego, I really enjoyed the conference! Hope you liked being in North Carolina. I have a couple of thoughts and questions about some scripture that has been giving me trouble. I know in Genesis that some of the entries are descriptions of specific days of creation and then there are some repeats of a more general overview of that same day. The one that is troubling me is pre-day 1 and then the account of day one. Read More...

YouTube Channel Launched

The 4th Day Alliance has just launched a YouTube channel. If you use YouTube, you can check out our channel here:


We have a handful of videos to check out there, but we are in the process of making a whole slew of Creation Astronomy videos. We hope you enjoy them! Read More...

Creation Astronomy Conference Postponed

Several major changes at the 4th Day Alliance have caused us to make some changes to our schedule. In short, all of the directors on our board will be moving our families out of California this year. Additionally, we will be moving the 4th Day Alliance ministry along with us.

Consequently, we will need to postpone our highly anticipated Creation Astronomy Conference until the summer of 2012 (since it is currently scheduled in close proximity to the time many of us will be moving). Read More...