Creation Astronomy Conference Postponed

Several major changes at the 4th Day Alliance have caused us to make some changes to our schedule. In short, all of the directors on our board will be moving our families out of California this year. Additionally, we will be moving the 4th Day Alliance ministry along with us.

Consequently, we will need to postpone our highly anticipated Creation Astronomy Conference until the summer of 2012 (since it is currently scheduled in close proximity to the time many of us will be moving).

We are still planning on having the conference, and our great speakers are still planning on coming in 2012. We are currently working on finding the best date and we have all agreed that we still want the event to be in Yosemite.

As many have asked us the reason(s) why we are moving, suffice it to say that we’re just all tired of living in California. That's pretty much it. For some of the reasons why, you can see this article here: California is a Sinking Ship.

In short, we are just one out of a train of many ministries over the years that has decided that California is not the best place for us to be located (others include: Focus on the Family, Institute for Creation Research, and the Bible Answer Man), so we are going to move to Boise, Idaho.

Thank you for your understanding. We covet your prayers during this year of transition and we look forward to continuing to serve you all in our new home.
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