Don't Miss the Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night will be an amazing Total Lunar Eclipse that you don’t want to miss. It can be seen from everywhere in North America and partially in other parts of the world. To determine what time to look, check out the chart below: Read More...

Jupiter Won't be this Close Again Until 2022

Been outside at midnight lately? There's something you really need to see. Jupiter is approaching Earth for the closest encounter between the two planets in more than a decade—and it is dazzling. The night of closest approach is Sept. 20-21st. This is also called "the night of opposition" because Jupiter will be opposite the sun, rising at sunset and soaring overhead at midnight. Among all denizens of the midnight sky, only the Moon itself will be brighter. Read More...

Perseid Meteor Shower Next Week

Every year, stargazers are treated to a good show of meteors during August as the annual Perseid Meteor shower delights us. This year, the meteor shower (also known as shooting stars) are expected to be at least average. Read More...

Total Solar Eclipse on July 22nd

Total Solar Eclipse zoom
The longest solar eclipse of the century is going to take place this week. Unfortunately, for most 4th Day Alliance members, we won’t be able to see it. The following information was taken from the NASA website dedicated to solar eclipses: Read More...

Moon Occults Antares on June 6th

As the moon makes its monthly circuit around the sky it often passes in front of stars, blotting them out for as much as an hour or so. Such an occultation can be a startling spectacle, especially if the star is bright. The star appears to creep up to the moon's limb, hang on the edge for a minute or two, and then, without warning, wink out. Later it flashes back into view just as suddenly on the moon's other side. Read More...

Comet Lulin in the sky

Now is a great opportunity for you to see a comet in the night sky. You should be able to see Comet Lulin tonight. This is simply another comet that is flying through our solar system.  There are literally thousands of them out there.  For a creationist perspective on the origin of comets, please see this website... Read More...

December Conjunction

I wanted to update you regarding a rare and beautiful conjunction of Venus and Jupiter that is taking place right now and will come to its climactic view on the evening of December 1st.

If you head out tonight when it begins to get dark (just after 5:00 pm), you will notice two very bright stars in the southwestern sky. The brighter star on the bottom is the planet Venus, and the dimmer star above is Jupiter. Every night you head out, you will notice that these two planets get closer and closer to each other.