Question about the How Big is God presentation

We recently received the following email from someone who saw the How Big is God presentation at a private Christian school here in California. I took this email as the occasion to explain the purpose of the presentation in more detail:

“I am the superintendent of [name] Christian School in [city] and attended the presentation at [name] Christian School yesterday. Great show, well presented, impressive video,statistics and illustrations. My hesitation or question is this: Does describing the size of the galaxy/universe necessarily lead to the conclusion that God is bigger, or even has a "size" as we currently understand. Perhaps to emphasize that God is powerful enough to create all of this would be more appropriate that to indicate that he is "bigger" than the universe?? Middle school and most high school students are likely to take the size issue literally, and we do not know if we even know how big God is, if He actually has size as we generally understand the word. What do you think? Is this a hair-splitting point? Has this been discussed by your staff? Not trying to make trouble, just be intellectually (educationally) accurate.” Read More...