Don't Miss the Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow Night

TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE on Monday Night (December 20th).

Tomorrow night will be an amazing Total Lunar Eclipse that you don’t want to miss. It can be seen from everywhere in North America and partially in other parts of the world. To determine what time to look, check out the chart below:

Total Eclipse of the Moon, December 20–21, 2010
Penumbra first seen?12:55 am11:55 pm10:55 pm9:55 pm
Partial eclipse begins1:33 am12:33 am11:33 pm10:33 pm
Total eclipse begins2:41 am1:41 am12:41 am11:41 pm
Mid-eclipse3:17 am2:17 am1:17 am12:17 am
Total eclipse ends3:53 am2:53 am1:53 am12:53 am
Partial eclipse ends5:01 am4:01 am3:01 am2:01 am
Penumbra last seen?5:35 am4:35 am3:35 am2:35 am

For more information about the Lunar Eclipse tomorrow night, check out this article by Sky and Telescope.
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