Old Universe with a Short Human History?

After the NCHE Conference in North Carolina last week, I received the following email from an attendee:

Dear Diego, I really enjoyed the conference! Hope you liked being in North Carolina. I have a couple of thoughts and questions about some scripture that has been giving me trouble. I know in Genesis that some of the entries are descriptions of specific days of creation and then there are some repeats of a more general overview of that same day. The one that is troubling me is pre-day 1 and then the account of day one. Read More...

Spike Psarris responds to Stephen Hawking

You’ve probably heard the news lately about Stephen Hawking’s claim that the universe created itself and therefore there is no need for God. Well, Spike Psarris, the author of the Our Created Solar System DVD, has released an excellent response to Hawking’s claim. Spike’s response was published in his newsletter through his website at CreationAstronomy.com. You can read the response here.

An Inconvenient Galaxy - Arms Winding Backwards

Discovery of two new components within a puzzling spiral galaxy confirm it must have a pair of arms winding in the opposite direction from most galaxies, according to new results. Read More...