Is the World Going to end in 2012?

2012 Movie
Major panic and fear has entered into our day. People everywehere are terrified that the world is going to end in 2012. In fact, there has even been a major motion picture that has just recently been released to hype the whole thing. Apparently, it's all based on a Mayan calendar and astronomical "facts" that will bring the planets into alignment and cause all sorts of destruction and mayhem. Read More...

Mars Hoax (again)

For many years now, there has been strange rumor circulating around the country claiming that Mars will appear as large as the moon in the night sky. Usually, a date is given for this event, and sometimes claims of pending doom or other calamities are included. The myth is often forwarded by email to hundreds of other people. If you get one of these emails, don’t forward it! Read More...