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15 Evidences for a Young Universe

4th Day Alliance Creation Astronomy Articles

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General Articles

Distant Starlight

Does Distant Starlight Prove that the Bible is Wrong?
by the 4th Day Alliance

Galaxies are Billions of Light Years Away, so isn’t the Universe Billions of Years Old?
by Dr. Walt Brown

Universe in Near Realtime
by Astronomer Steve Miller

Understanding the Variable Speed of Light Theory
Barry Setterfield’s research simplified by his wife, Helen

Starlight and Time—A Further Breakthrough
by Carl Wieland (regarding Dr. John Hartnett’s research)

Relativistic Cosmology - Four Creation Cosmologies
by Dr. Russell Humphreys

Conventions of Time Measurement
by Dr. Jason Lisle

Creation Astronomy Articles

Solar System

The Universe

Space Exploration


Do Stars Evolve? - adapted from Astronomy in the Bible by Donald DeYoung
Do new Stars form today?
Star Formation and Genesis Chapter One
The Origin of the Solar System - by Lambert Dolphin
The Moon: The Light that Rules the Night - Jonathan Sarfati examines the earth-moon system and its implications for the creation-evolution debate. external link

Big Bang

Was there a Big Bang? - adapted from Astronomy in the Bible by Dr. Donald DeYoung
Stephen Hawking and the Big Bang - by Spike Psarris
Population III Stars and the Big Bang Model - by Steve Miller
Why Does the Universe Appear to be Expanding - by Dr. Walt Brown
The Truth About Dark Matter and Dark Energy - by Dr. Walt Brown


Refutations, Rebuttals, and Critiques