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Steve Miller

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller is an amateur astronomer and has a BA in Philosophy and Apologetics and is currently working on a Masters Degree in Philosophy and Apologetics. Steve is the former President of the Calumet Astronomical Society and currently heads up the NW Indiana Chapter of the 4th Day Alliance.

Steve Miller is a member of Creation Research Society and gives talks and seminars on Creation Science. He shows that science gives empirical evidence that proves what we find in Genesis.

Steve's Testimony

The creation account in the Bible has always made more sense to me. I have never been persuaded by the evolutionary paradigm and even when I was very young, a neighbor, Mrs. Pearl Carpenter, told me about the Lord Jesus, and how He suffered and died for our sins. As a result, I never questioned the creation account in the Bible.

In my first year of Junior High School, I can still remember seeing the nebular hypothesis theory explaining how the solar system formed. The teacher explained that it took billions and millions of years to form universe and the solar system. The time element was in direct conflict with the Biblical account. The only explanation I have for why I did not believe this is the Lord kept His hand on me and did not allow atheistic naturalism to triumph. Moreover, this is the time when I made my personal commitment to follow the Lord Jesus and He redeemed me.

Conflict Arises

In my sophomore year in High School, I had an experience where Biblical Christianity came into direct conflict with the evolutionary paradigm. Mr. Herbert Schmidt, my high school biology teacher, was my favorite and most challenging teacher in high school. He expected something out of all of us and he was not going to take any excuses. I remember many times locking horns with him over evolutionism. I did not realize at the time that the underlying principles of the evolutionary paradigm were atheistic naturalism. However, there have been many occasions I wish I could go back with what I have learned to lock horns with Mr. Schmidt again. Nevertheless, I will always respect Mr. Schmidt, because I knew he actually cared about us, and how we were going to manage in life. I will always admire him for that.

Fortunately, by the time high school was over, I had made a decision to attend a Christian university, Tennessee Temple in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The college had only one class that dealt with worldviews and evolutionism on the college level. That class, "Bible and Science" I took my first year. The teacher was Dr. Phillips. The class answered questions about the evolutionary paradigm and evolutionism actually never bothered me again until I was elected President of the Calumet Astronomical Society in 1989.

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