DVD Review- The Privileged Planet

The search for meaning in the Universe - By Illustra Media
The Privileged Planet DVD was all that I expected and more! This 60 minute video pours forth evidence to back up it's claim that earth is indeed a special and privileged planet. I was looking for a video for our homeschool to encourage other views besides the ones my kids were being exposed to on the Science Channel and the astronomy center in our city. I found this DVD reliable and full of scientifically sound evidence to support our belief in intelligent design. It did not outright say that God created the earth, but in a way I appreciated this because my children have viewed Christian DVDs about astronomy that were so "Christian" that my children almost brush it off as less "scientific".

This DVD really gave you the evidence and left it to the viewer to think about and come to conclusions. It covered the history of the different views of earth from both the fields of science and philosophy. I also loved the ongoing list of conditions required to both make the earth inhabitable and also have the rest of the universe observable to us from our planet.

As a bonus there was a whole point made about eclipses and how they have opened the window to make observations in the past. I think it really was perfect for our homeschool and for making my students start thinking about these things and the different arguments that are out there. The Privileged Planet worked for our homeschool of elementary/intermediate age children, but would also be well suited for older students and adults. As I was watching it, I also thought it would make a good gift for someone in the scientific field. Overall this production was top quality and very informative and I would highly recommend it!

  • Beautiful high quality pictures that move at a speed that keeps the viewers interest
  • Address' issues, ideas and beliefs held by much of the scientific community
  • Intelligently presented
  • Abundant evidence to back up the title "The Privileged Planet"
  • No forthright "Christian" teaching or scripture reference
Star Rating: 10 stars

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Heather Rosario is a Homeschooling mother of 3 Elementary age children. She loves doing anything with her family & having the opportunity to educate their children at home on the Big Island of Hawaii.