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Please click here to download the terms and conditions for the 4th Day Alliance local chapter affiliate kit.

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Local Chapter Affiliate Kit

Start your own local chapter of the 4th Day Alliance by ordering the kit below. Be sure to read the terms and conditions on the sidebar to the right before you order the kit.

Terms and Conditions of the Local Chapter Affiliate Kit

All local chapter affiliates of the 4th Day Alliance are sovereign and local entities who have no direct ties (legally or otherwise) with the 4th Day Alliance. Local chapters should not (and cannot legally) act on behalf of the 4th Day Alliance and should not represent themselves as employees or representatives of the 4th Day Alliance.

Local Chapter affiliates will maintain their own organizations completely separate from the 4th Day Alliance. The 4th Day Alliance will provide support and resources to local chapter affiliates as described in the original local chapter kit (which may change from time-to-time).

Local chapters will be given space on the 4th Day Alliance website to promote their organization. The use of this website is subject to the following:

  • Local chapters should not use the website for any other topic besides Creation Astronomy.
  • Please do not post content on the website that is doctrinally divisive or controversial (there are other forums available for that—this is an astronomy website).
  • Please do not post content that supports or promotes an old-earth/universe viewpoint.
  • Please do not post content that is contrary to any of the 5 points in our articles of faith.
  • Only post content, text, and pictures that is reflective of Christianity (no profanity, anger, hate, malice, rage, or any of the other works of the flesh as listed in Galatians 5).