BOOK REVIEW - Universe by Design

By Dr. Danny Faulkner
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Universe by Design: An Explanation of Cosmology and Creation by Dr. Danny Faulkner presents a masterful handling of the field of cosmology from a young-earth perspective. Unlike a typical astronomy textbook, which examines chiefly the various aspects of observational astronomy, Faulkner looks extensively at the different theories aimed at explaining the origin of the universe, namely the “big bang” that is foundational to the majority of evolutionary models. Faulkner begins his book with a clear presentation of his premise: The Bible should not be adapted to reconcile with current scientific theories (like the big bang); rather, the biblical text ought to serve as the basis for the formulation of any cosmological model. Implicitly, this premise demands the rejection of “compromised” positions often adhered to by Christians, such as theistic evolution, progressive creation, the gap theory, the day-age theory, and the framework hypothesis.

Before defending his premise, Faulkner briefly discusses both what cosmology is and how current cosmological theories came about. Attention is given to tracing the study of astronomy from its earliest origins in ancient times, to the developments that occurred in medieval times and the Renaissance, and the impact of modern physics. He then uses this brief overview of cosmology as a platform by which to introduce the big bang model, inclusive of the alleged evidences for it and his objections against it. Chapter 3 is of particular value, in that it provides significant help with explaining common misconceptions about the big bang. This is tremendously beneficial to help young-earth creationists avoid the use of poor arguments and straw man attacks on the big bang. By clearing up these misunderstandings, Faulkner equips his audience to build a very sound case against the big bang and in favor of biblical creation.

After systematically refuting the big bang and other non-biblical cosmological models from a scientific perspective in chapters 4 and 5, Faulkner turns to the discussion of creation-based cosmologies. Notably, he explains how any valid cosmological model must be consistent with the biblical account of creation, inclusive of its assertion that the earth is relatively young (only thousands of years old) and that God was directly involved in the creation process, speaking the heavens into existence ex nihilo. Significant issues that Faulkner addresses are the origin of redshifts and the light-travel-time problem. Markedly, Faulkner’s handling of the D. Russell Humphreys’ White Hole Cosmology is commendable in that he clarifies that what Humphreys proposed was not actually a scientific model, but only an educated suggestion for what could potentially become a model. Regrettably, however, Faulkner fails to give a comprehensive appraisal of the validity of Humphrey’s proposal from the standpoint of the biblical text.

In conclusion, Dr. Danny Faulkner’s work, Universe by Design, gives a thorough treatment of the topic of cosmology from a biblical perspective. The intended audience is clearly high school and higher, in view of the fact that some chapters require a moderate knowledge of mathematics and physics to fully comprehend them. The book is still quite understandable and is not, for example, on the same technical level of Williams and Hartnett’s treatise Dismantling the Big Bang: God’s Universe Rediscovered. Overall, Faulkner’s work is thoughtful and readable, a valuable aid to supplement any astronomy course or simply for personal reading.

1. Faulkner staunchly defends his views, while still fairly representing other positions.
2. The book deals carefully with scientific issues without ignoring biblical argumentation.
3. Study questions are included at the conclusion of each chapter and are of excellent personal value, but can also be adapted for use in a more formal study.
4. The book’s appendix on observational astronomy helps to link Faulkner’s work with more conventional books on astronomy.

1. With the exception of a handful of technical articles, there is a lack of original source references for aid in further study.
2. The book’s photographs are not of particularly good quality, as they are printed in black and white.

Star Rating: 8 of 10

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Lee Anderson is formerly a homeschooled student, the eldest in a family of five children. Growing up, his interests included all branches of science, not the least of which was astronomy. Upon graduation from high school, Lee pursued a degree in biblical studies from The Master’s College, where he specialized in Bible Exposition. While there, Lee devoted himself to the study of origins, seeking to faithfully learn and proclaim the truth of the biblical record and demonstrate its validity in the field of science. His love for astronomy in particular has continued to grow throughout the years, as he has realized ever more how wonderfully the heavens declare the glory of God.

Lee currently resides in Southern California, where he is pursuing a master’s degree in biblical studies and anxiously awaiting his coming marriage to his fiancée, Anna.

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Author Danny Faulkner takes back astronomy and cosmology from the secular world in his book titled Universe By Design: An Exploration of Cosmology and Creation.

Written from a Creationist perspective Faulkner addresses some of the fallacies and misconceptions of our time relating to this fascinating world of astronomy, cosmology and creation. All that we teach and learn needs to be filtered through God’s word and this book does a wonderful job of setting up the proper filters for this kind of study.

Included in the book are great diagrams and drawings, quoted research from many notable old world scientists like Einstein, Ptolemy, Newton, and Galileo. There are questions included for discussion at the end of each chapter and extensive evolution fallacies exposed.

I appreciate that he takes time to adequately explain each new idea and theory without taking down to the reader in a condescending way. I felt like I had the opportunity to sit in his class room and listen to his lecture, walking away with a better understanding not only of astronomy, cosmology and creation but of God’s word and His handy work.

The only thing I could find that I didn’t like about the book is that the book was comprised of newsprint like pages. Overall I would give this book a star rating of 9 - 10 the only way it could be improved is by changing the paper in which it is printed on and even that is a minimal inconvenience.

I hope that Dr. Faulkner addresses other subjects and writes additional books relating to his many fields of study in the science of Physics, Astronomy and Cosmology.

This well written supplemental text would make a great addition to any astronomy study for those who are well informed or just beginning their study of astronomy. Ideally written for high school through adult I believe that even well read jr. high students could benefit from reading this book. A great addition to any library.

1. Great illustrations
2. Written from a teacher's perspective (not condescending).

1. Newsprint type paper.

Star Rating: 9 of 10

Laura Hazelip has been married for 19 years to her best friend and one true love, Jeff. They have homeschooled together from the very beginning. Laura is a workshop teacher, coordinator and administrator for a large co-op serving more than 40 families as well as a support group leader. Jeff and Laura both serve on their state board of homeschooling. Laura has enjoyed astronomy since she was very young. Introduced to it by her father she cherishes the memories they have of late nights under the stars tracking comets, meteors, eclipses, star charting and marveling at God's miracle in the stars.