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The Astronomy Book

by Jonathan Henry
The Astronomy Book soars through the solar system targeting middle-school through junior-high levels. The reader will acquire a wealth of knowledge on subjects such as supernovas, red shift, facts about planets, and much more. Enhanced with dozens of color photos and illustrations (including NASA shots), this book gives educators and students a Christian-based look at the awesomeness of the heavens.

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In the Beginning

by Dr. Walt Brown
This greatly expanded new edition—comprehensive, understandable, and meticulously documented—will give insights to readers of all backgrounds. In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood takes a different look at a currently hot topic. Evidence that could revolutionize our understanding of origins is carefully explained. You will be challenged to consider fresh ideas in this age-old debate. (reviews coming soon)

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Signs and Seasons

by Jay Ryan
Using the biblical use of astronomy--for signs and seasons--as a foundation, this illustrated book will take a deeper look at the stars and sun we so often view. Filled with notes on historical practices, readers learn about where the terms A.M. and P.M came from, how Passover is linked to astronomical cycles, and the biblical heritage of timekeeping through the sky! 40 pages of field activities are included as well.

Destination Moon

Destination Moon

by Astronaut Jim Irwin
Join astronaut Irwin for the ultimate adventure! As much a spiritual journey for Irwin as a scientific undertaking, his 1971 trip to the moon made history. In this vivid memoir, he recounts his boyhood, work as a test pilot, survival of a near-fatal crash, astronaut training, and his once-in-a-lifetime mission to Earth's satellite where God's loving presence filled the lunar landscape.

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Universe by Design

by Dr. Danny Faulkner
Do the latest scientific findings support the argument for a created cosmos? Creationist astronomer Faulkner says yes! Looking at recent and historical developments in cosmology from a biblical perspective, he reviews theories on the universe's origin; analyzes the contributions of Ptolemy, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and others; offers a thorough discussion of the big bang theory; and more. A superb supplement to an upper-level science curriculum. Includes study questions. 143 pages, softcover.

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Adam's Astronomy

by Jane S. Poole
Long before Moses wrote Genesis, the world's first astronomers invented star signs to illustrate a prophecy: a God-man would come to repair the breach between us and the Creator. Those starry figures were pirated, however, and used to advance a false religion which spread all over the world. Faithful men from Noah to the magi of the Christ child stood against that error, yet the true star signs all but vanished for millennia. Adam's Astronomy lays out the original signs, introduces the linguist who recovered them, and explains how she did it.