What an Opportunity

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already well aware of the fact that the heavens declare the glory of God. As a Christian, staring into a starry night sky never ceases to amaze as I consider the awesome works of God.

However, both believer and unbeliever alike are easily enraptured by the beauty and the glory of the heavens. The difference is, we know whose glory it is, and we know who put it there.

Indeed, astronomy and cosmology are branches of science that ultimately should give God great glory and proclaim his name throughout the world. It is very strange then that the branch of study within the realms of science that would seem to be so close to the Creator is the one that seems to be used most prominently to reject Him. Astronomy has unfortunately become one of the most anti-God and pro-evolution forums of modern day academia.

I don’t believe this is an accident. I believe the reasons for this are obvious. When studying the starry host of heaven and all of its wonder, one cannot help but ponder their origins. In fact, in order to devise theories and descriptions to explain the existence of these great wondrous bodies such as galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, etc., one must consider their origins. Ultimately, the study of astronomy demands an explanation of origins. Since science and humanism have now long since eroded the concept of God from the so-called realms of “science,” astronomers are now forced to explain away the glory of God from their studies.

However, it doesn’t need to be this way anymore. In fact, it has not always been this way. There once was a time when the majority of great astronomical discoveries were made by astronomers who gave God the glory that was rightly His. Astronomers like Galileo, Newton, and Kepler are just a few examples of this. It’s time for believers to band together again and proclaim God’s glory through astronomy. I believe that it’s time for the 4th Day Alliance.

The Alliance is simply an astronomy club like any other astronomy club in America, except that we promote and teach astronomy for the sole purpose of glorifying God. We will have star parties, seminars, lectures, books, cross-country trips, presentations, this magazine, and many other benefits for our members. However, the main goal of the Alliance is to turn the current field of astronomy on its head.

We want to educate the masses as to the amount of lies they are being told by current mainstream textbooks. We want to produce products and materials to counter and overturn the momentum of the evolutionary cosmologists. And that, my friend, is why we need you! There is strength in numbers and we need you to join the Alliance to increase our strength.

What an opportunity we would have to impact and influence current product developers with a small army of 4th Day Alliance members. Let me give you an example. How many times have you sighed heavily when you read in a book or a manual or a software program how that the universe came into existence 20 billion years ago with a big bang? Well, what if the producers of this material knew that they had an audience of 10,000 or more Alliance members that would rather hear, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” We would have the opportunity to see material created specifically for believers! But we can’t do it alone. We need you!

If you can see the vision of this ministry, and you would like to join us, please click this link and join us today.