The Astronomy in the Bible Presentation

The Bible has many references to astronomy within its pages. Learn about the Mazzaroth, Orion, Pleiades, Wandering Stars, the Bright and Morning Star, and much more! Below are some comments from people who have seen this presentation. Members of the 4th Day Alliance can listen to the entire presentation here: Astronomy in the Bible.

Comments from 2011 HEAV Convention

"Very interesting."
"Excellent ministry, information."
"The speaker was very thorough in his explanation."
"Very interesting information. Too bad people no longer know the sky and stars like Biblical people did."
"Great perspective - fun delivery!
"I learned a lot from the workshop. Diego is so exciting to listen to."
"Very informative and helpful."

Comments from 2011 NCHE Convention

"Absolutely beautiful presentation of God’s awesomeness from his word."
"Another great presentation."
"Loved it! Want more of the science of the Bible."
"Wonderful, anointed ministry-my children enjoyed as well as I. Thanks for your willingness to teach the truth."
"Wonderfully informative and interesting."
"You are truly knowledgeable—seem like a 10 min session."
"You give wonderful information and it makes sense the way you line it all up."
"I think you’re great."
"Informative, enlightening."
"Great stuff."
"Very cool eye opening."
"Very interesting, great photos."
"Wow, you held my teen and husband’s attention! God bless you."
"Great job, loved it."
"Very good."
"Exceptional, enlightening, informative, clarifying. Great work!"
"Very informative."
"Enjoyed your talk very much."