The Distant Starlight Presentation

How do we see distant starlight in a young universe? This is the most common question asked to "Young Universe" astronomers. This presentation provides a fresh and honest approach to answering this puzzling question. Below are some comments on the presentation from the 2011 NCHE Convention (North Carolina).

"Awesome sessions! I can’t wait till next year."
"Well done."
"Excellent speaker excellent presentation."
"Wonderful! Awesome!"
"Phenomenal! Thank you for this logical, well planned presentation."
"Loved it."
"Excellent teaching style. Thank you."
"Good! Good! Good!"
"Wonderful workshop."
"Good reassurance for the trustworthiness of scripture."
"Love the in-depth! And fact vs theory and multimedia and praise to God."
"Praise God for you and your message. We need MORE of these messages."
"Thank you."
"Very good."
"You are awesome."