The Classical Astronomy Presentation

Before telescopes, spacecraft, spectroscopes, lunar modules, space stations, and space probes, there was once a thriving science of astronomy that relied completely on math and visual observation. Learn how to recover and restore this once widely-known scientific field. (Based in part on Jay Ryan's excellent book, Signs and Seasons). Members of the 4th Day Alliance can listen to this presentation here: Classical Astronomy.

Comments from the 2011 NCHE Convention

"Informative and spectacular. Its speakers like MR. Rodriguez that changes lives."
"Amazing and epic, possibly my favorite speaker at the conference."
"Thank you. Never heard anyone speak on Astronomy before."
"I have no idea until now that Venus was also called the Morning Star."
"That was awesome. It’s amazing how God placed his evidence everywhere. I’d love to learn more about this."
"I have loved all of your workshops."
"Great job."
"Thank you for all the great info. All of your workshops were top-notch and eye opening."
"He was good."
"This is really great! We love it."
"Very interesting. Never tried to explain those references with concrete astronomy."
"Really interesting."
"Really good."
"Sweet dude."
"This got me interested in classical astronomy."
"Awesome! The beginning of an adventure."
"Thanks for confirming that we can all be classical astronomers."
"Thank you for your efforts at making Astronomy accessible to non-astronomers."
"Thank you for your spiritual insight into God’s creation through astronomy. I am excited to share this insight with my family."
"Peaked my interest in Astronomy."
"Good job."
Very interesting."
"Thanks for the perspective."
"Great material."
"Thank you."
"Very interesting. It introduced me to a subject I hadn’t thought much about."
"Relevant, well-handled, captivating for young and old, biblical references tie it all together."
"Eye opening and very interesting."
"Very interesting."
"Wish we had more."
"All have been wonderful."
"Very interesting. Great for teens."
"Great info about the zodiac. I have a book from late 70’s that talks about it. Let’s retake the Zodiac!"
"This was a very eye-opening seminar-please continue with this vital ministry."
"Would like classical/modern astronomy difference in handout book. Good workshop!"
"This was wonderful."
"Liked previous w.s. had to return to this one and go to vendor’s table."
"Thanks for the awesome information."
"That was really interesting."
"Awesome and kept your interest."
"You rock."
"Great job! Very interesting!"
"Give me more."
"Quite engaging."
"Apprec. The use of scripture-very worshipful."
"Great job!"
"Very informative!"
"Thank you for making astronomy understandable."
"Very good."
"This is neat."
"This was great. Thanks for teaching me something new."
"Great speaker! Great presentation. Very well organized and explained."
"I never knew there was so much to learn about astronomy. Keep it up."
"Excellent workshop."
"Thank you, that was incredible."
"Amazing all these angles I never considered before."
"Sharing such fascinating information."
"It was great to learn about the stars in the bible."
"Amazing. Thank you for seeking and sharing biblical truth in Astronomy. Your presentation is a key to understanding the bible which allows us to come close to knowing God."
"Nice links between bible and education."
"Great information, thanks for sharing."
"I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before."
"Thank you for revealing what is in the Bible and about astronomy."

Comments from the 2011 HEAV Convention

"I learned much about classical/modern astronomy. Now I am able to understand which subject to study and research."
"Dynamic. I learned a lot."
"Piqued my interest."
"Entertaining & nice to hear history of modern vs. classical astronomy."
"Very passionate presenter!"
"Mr. Rodriguez is funny."
"Great speaker."
"Good speaker."
"Presented a new way of looking at the universe—reverting back to our heritage."
"Diego is really engaging."
"The presentation was very clear."
"I liked everything."
"Very interesting."
"Good biblical knowledge and good humor."
"Excellent. Much appreciated."