Mars Hoax (again)

For many years now, there has been strange rumor circulating around the country claiming that Mars will appear as large as the moon in the night sky. Usually, a date is given for this event, and sometimes claims of pending doom or other calamities are included. The myth is often forwarded by email to hundreds of other people. If you get one of these emails, don’t forward it! Read More...

Ice in Martian Crater

Icy craters on Mars
HiRISE researchers were elated, but not particularly surprised, to discover some small, freshly gouged craters in images taken last year. How fresh is fresh? One cluster must have appeared sometime between June and August, and a somewhat larger pit showed up between January and September. What did astound the team were splashes of white seen in and around a handful of these craterlets. Could it be water ice? Read More...